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moving to a new blog!
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moving to a new blog!

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yesterday was my 2nd time baking pavlova. alhamdulillah. after googling several recipes & watching some videos - here’s my own version of the recipe:

You’ll need:

8 egg whites

300g castor sugar

4 tablespoon of corn flour

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

1/2 teaspoon of vinegar

baking paper

 *******for topping*******

250g whipping cream (non-dairy)

30g icing sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

Strawberries, Grapes & Berries.

  1.  preheat your oven to 155 degree C . 
  2. Using your mixer, mix the egg whites till they hold ‘soft peak’. (goggle it so that u’ll know how soft peak looks like).
  3. While the mixer is still on, start adding sugar bit by bit.
  4. Add the vanilla essence, corn flour & vinegar. Continue mixing till it holds ‘stiff peak’. Your meringue is ready.
  5. Draw a circle/circles on the baking paper.
  6. Spread the meringue inside the circle drawn.
  7. Bake the meringue for about 1 hours 15 minutes (change the temp. to 115 degree C)
  8. When it’s done, turn off the oven - let the meringue cool completely in the oven (with the door slightly opened).  A VERY IMPORTANT STEP!
  9. Mix the whipping cream together with the icing sugar & vanilla ess. till it becomes “whipcream-ish.”
lastly, whipped the cream on top of ur meringue & arrange the fruit nicely. all done!

(in bahasa)


 8 biji putih telur

300g gula kastor (1 cup + ¾ cup)

4 sudu besar tepung jagung

1 sudu kecil esen vanila

1/2 sudu kecil cuka makan

baking paper

 *******untuk topping*******

250g whipping cream (non-dairy)

30g gula icing

1/2 sudu kecil esen vanilla

Strawberries, Anggur & Berries.

  1. Panaskan oven pada 155 celcius (setting: api bawah)
  2. Putar putih telur sampai terbentuk ‘soft peak’.
  3.  Tambah gula kastor sedikit demi sedikit (sambil putar).
  4.  Pastikan gula betul-betul hancur, masukkan esen vanila, cuka dan tepung jagung sehingga terbentuk ‘stiff peaks’.
  5.  Lukiskan bulatan besar pada baking paper dan sudukan adunan ke dalamnya.
  6.  Masukkan meringue dalam oven pada 115 celcius (1 jam 15 min)
  7. Sejukkan dalam 30 minit. (dalam oven tapi buka pintu sedikit)
  8. Untuk topping, putar whipping cream sehingga muncul soft peaks. Maniskannya dengan gula dan esen vanila.
Hias meringue dengan whip cream & buah! siap!



This is just a simple version of the recipe. Watch some videos first before u start baking okay?  
Here are two helpful videos:


 My first pavlova is a normal size pavlova ie a big one.


so for my second time, i decided to make mini palovas!


Goodluck & selamat mencuba!

(delayed post)

before i headed back to kuantan for the semester break, which is somewhere in the middle of January - the girls & i headed up to Publika to celebrate Sofia’s 22nd birthday! we chose PickNik as the celebration venue, as requested by the birthday girl :D the place is owned by the famous chef, Nik Michael Imran.



we tried several types of pasta. eeerrrr tak ingat nama semua but i ordered carbonara (the 3rd pasta picture). personally, i think the pasta is okay but nothing to shout about.imageimageimage

the best part is… THE DESSERTS! ohmaigod please please try these two heavenly tasted desserts! the first one is the salted caramel brownie. the brownie is soo soft on the inside and a lil bit crispy on the outside! and the salted caramel sauce….nyaaaaammmmmmmmmimage

the second dessert is the peanut butter slice. It consists layers of peanut butter, biscuit crust & cream cheese. trust me, u can’t never get enough of this.


For me, the best thing bout this place is the dessert, and not forgetting the ambience. chantek chantek chantek! but then again, there are still more selections of their main dish that i haven’t tried yet :)


Happy Belated Birthday,Sofiaaaaa!!! we wove you! <3

Picknik @ Publika

UG1-05, Block A4, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

January is the birthday month of my two besties: Shad & Shafiq! so it’s time for a surprise celebration! image


dengan ilmu pendidikan seni yang ada, i managed to cut, paste & create something :)

on last 2nd February, we threw the surprise at Crocodile Rock. 


SURPRISEEEEEEEEE!imageimageimageimageimageimage  image                  imageimage

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY SHAD & SHAFIQ! we loveeeee yoooou so so much! :D

and and thank you so much Anith, Paan, Aishah, Nad, Bibah & Luqmal for helping me out in throwing the surprise. this party wouldn’t have been a blast without the helps from u guys :)

p/s:below are some pictures of what i wore during the surprise. since i love that pants so much, apa salahnya heheheheheimageimage

to my last.

candidi-deactivated20121227 Asked:
Hye Arnie :) I x tau la u perasan ke x, tapi I jumpa ni dlm Beautifulnara page 8. U scroll down je. You know it when u see it ;D and btw, u slalu follow blog/tumblr apa? Yang kiut2 jugak. Ehehe :p

My answer:

Hallo :) oh jumpa apa eh? I buka page 8 i tak jumpa pape pun? :O

(delayed post)

this was few months back but i’m still gonna share it. the memory & experience is too sweet to be kept inside my external disk without being shared…hehehe. so, it was my sister’s idea to join the class (this was before she got all preggy and boyot —- this explains her flat tummy in the pictures below). of course, this was my 1st time joining a knitting class/workshop. at first, i was so stressed up cuz it’s sooo hard! but once u got the basics, u’re good to go! now i can knit bunnies, my own knit cardigans, table cloth… naaah, just kidding. nak buat casing phone pun tak lepas… i don’t mind, as long as we had fun! :D


venue: Hello Deer.

they had the 2nd knitting workshop later but we didn’t manage to join it :O. if u girls or guys interested in joining it or any other workshop, do check them out at Hello Deer page :)

(Delayed Post)

hello! sorry for the hiatus. caught up with chores/assignments and all. tapi sebenarnya takde la busy mana, malas je lebih. anyway, sooo hereee! i wanna share my discovery on one of the best prawn mee i’ve ever tasted! thanks to my dearest friend, endy for introducing the mee & left me addicted to it. 

It’s located at Food Republic, (Lower Ground) Pavilion KL. the stall is called “Thye Hong”!

the prawn mee:

tolong lah try, mmg sedaaaap.

tak silap, their menu only consists of three things: prawn mee, oyster omelet & fried carrot cake. and my oh my, everything is so freakin delicious!

the oyster omelet:

fried carrot cake:

and the desserts we ate (bought em from different stall):

heyyoooo! have a nice day :)



Last friday, i had a lunch date with shajijaaaaa! well, it’s Shadjihar actually hehehe. At first, we couldn’t decide on where to eat. When i suggested Mukha, Shad agreed straight away cuz she loves the place! Mukha is located at Lorong Rahim Kajai, TTDI. So, to find a parking spot there….is like a fear factor challenge. mempunyai kesabaran yg kuat & petrol yg cukup? You’re good to go. hehehe. (or maybe because it’s Friday? i don’t know).

This’s my first time there, so i was like “WAAAAAAA, this place is super cozzzzyyy!” 

the spaghetti meatball:

the aglio olio:

good food, great ambience & lovely date. i had fun ;) and definitely gonna come here again…. with a driver/taxi/merempit.

they have a little bakery called “Souka”. Since Shad knows how much i looooove pavlova, she bought me oneee! thanks shajijaaa,.. this is why i love you hehehe.

chocolate fever has hit the town. Almost every foodie is talking bout Dip n Dip. soooo, last wednesday, my friends and I drove to Bangsar to try it ourselves! since it’s my 1st time, i was super excited. hehehehe 

the waffle stick. my favourite! compared to the other desserts that we ordered, this waffle stick has the smallest portion. just nice for a ‘little kid’ like me ;p

Fettucini Crepe. my favourite too! the portion is quite big, so i guess it is best for you to share with friends ;)

Brownies Crepe. for me, it’s a little sweet as the chocolate brownie is layered with another chocolate sauce.

Molten Cake.

basically, everything here is chocolate-based. so, to those who loooove chocolate, i suggest you to get ready, get in the car & come here!

and and! it’s better for you to come in a group, so that you can order more. everyone can try a lil bit of everything ;D

(Delayed Post)

last month, on 7th & 8th September, i joined a bazaar organized by Bulan Cafe, Kuantan! ;D it’s my 2nd time opening up a preloved booth. My clothes, bags, shoes & some of kakak’s stuff were up for sale. I had a great time! Received a hugeeee support from the family & friends ;D big fat thank you to all!

and anddd.. i’ll be joining the BFB 2.0 this november! mark your calender folks! ;D

Bonjour! je m’appelle aghnie azgheen. ;D ok cukup le tu.

last monday, the three heroes - Endy, Fendy & Addy and the only rose, yours truly, went to the Bonjour Garden Cafe! it’s situated next to Sunway Giza’s food court. i love their Indoor Garden concept. 

the bakery section;

the nachos;

hawaiian chicken pizza:

salmon spaghetti;

a steak that Fendi ordered, can’t remember its name…

for me, the food is good but nothing outstanding bout it. but i’d love to come here again for the nachos and bakery section. the bakery section…sedaaaaaap! 

thanks endy for bringing me here ;B


Last tuesday, we celebrated Irina The Diva’s Birthday! threw a lil suprise! since the location we chose was TGIF, the birthday diva had to sing & give some speech. and of course, Irina’s more than glad to do that. 

Happy Birthday, Irina! we loooove loooove loooove you! 

p/s; i got bangs & i’m lovin’ it! ;B

Last weekend, we went to Hello Deer Night Market!

later, we had our dinner at a Nyonya restaurant, located in Petaling Jaya.seriously, i am not lying. They have the best asam pedas i’ve ever tasted! secukup rasaaa nyaaaaammm

(Honey Chicken)

(Sambal Udang Petai) ni pun lagi satu, sedaaaaaaaap gila! again, i’m not lying.

the desserts.

Thank you so much,Asma for introducing a such wonderful place to me & my tummy! definitely gonna bring the family here ;B

kempunan asam pedas?

Nyonya Restaurant

52, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 PJ.